Zen Web Solutions was established in 2013 here in Coffs Harbour but largely has worked for clients all over Australia. Originally our web designs were done for friends, peers and colleagues and it was the increasing demand for our reasonably priced, well explained services that made our business grow via word of mouth. It’s our background in both training and technology that gives us the advantage. No unexplained lingo here! Our vision is to help therapists, healers and holistic minded businesses grow easily through their web presence in a way that empowers them and doesn’t break the bank.


We have extensive experience in training people and helping you identify exactly what you need over the phone, internet and in person. It’s like you’ll have us sitting right next to you the whole way.

We offer the balance between geek and normal. We don’t bamboozle our clients with technical stuff they can’t deal with and instead offer a solution that you can manage easily. Tailor made for each client to work with their capabilities.

We love kittens, alpacas, chickens and ducks! We love the environment and try to live a sustainable life on a small property growing our own vegetables. If you want to spark up a conversation about that, we’re happy to indulge!


Tony King

I’ve got an extensive background in IT and have done years of project work relating to understanding what the client (you) wants, developing training material and online learning systems and also developing interactive applications developed for the web. I’ve got the knack of understanding what the client needs and relaying that into clear project outcomes.

I get a real sense of enjoyment when helping people understand how to use computers and the applications that are a mystery to them. I like listening and want to empower you to be able to survive and flourish it today’s ever changing technology based environment.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to my brains trust…

Vanessa Lewis

I call myself a recovering geek that hasn’t kicked the habit yet! I have over 25 years of experience in IT and started developing websites over 18 years ago. So while you converse with Tony and get clarity around what you need, I am the one who knows how to get it done in a way that suits your needs. Call me the brains trust.

In addition to this, we both understand how hard it is to start up a business, especially when you’re on your own. When you need to be the entrepreneur, the administrator, the manager, the finance officer, the technician and the get it done person! It’s hard to get it all done, so let us help you with your technical challenges. You’ll be surprised at how we can help you get your business on track and create a social marketing plan. We’ve done it for many of our therapist/small business friends, so why not find out how we can help you too?

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