Build a Website

Can I Build a Website Myself?


If you had the time and the inclination and were technically savvy you could build a website using WordPress yourself. To make it look fantastic, have great content, be search engine friendly and to have options for building your mail database (for newsletters and sales pitches) it does take time and effort. Expect it to take you a number of weeks to research, learn, make mistakes, create and finally implement. (See our warning below for DIYer’s).

If you have no website experience at all and are technically challenged, then you are likely to give all efforts very quickly!

There are other website building options on the internet other than what we suggest (WordPress), however you need to know more than just making it look pretty and putting content up. You need to know how to use your website as a tool and set it up as such…

  • Optimise it for commonly searched terms specifically for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Connect it to social media websites to allow for your content to be widely distributed.
  • Link it to tools such as Google Webmaster tools, analytics and perhaps even Adwords to take advantage of performance stats, understand the demographics of your audience, and position your website for those you want to serve content to.
  • Gather information from your clients to be able to create leads and follow them up to build your relationship with your ideal clients.
  • Have a website that is flexible and adaptable to your growing needs. You may want to start small, but perhaps you vision bigger.

WordPress allows all of this and is constantly being developed for a more and more sophisticated audience. With WordPress you can build everything from a small blog to a complex shop, e-learning platform or music and video distribution platform. However, WordPress may be a nice open, user friendly interface and one which you will come to get use to, however, to set up it needs some know-how and a little bit of programming depending on what you want it to do.

Making it Simple for you

We’ve had a history of software projects including website building that includes technical terms such as html and CSS and so forth. However, we’ve decided that when it comes to small business you want to build a website that is easy to use, update and keep maintained and therefore WordPress is the only way to go for a number of reasons:


It gives us a solid platform to build any kind of website and the software is regularly updated

It has an easy to use interface for modifying, updating and inserting new programs

It is flexible and easy to maintain

You can learn it – yes you! The power to change and update it goes back to you, the owner! Saving you money and time!


We can offer to design your WordPress website for you and get it looking exactly how you want it. What we do need from you is guidance on colours, placement, and functionality. However, we will guide you even through that process step by step!

Warning for website builder DIYer’s…

Even if you’re a WordPress, Wix, Weebly (etc) genius. Here’s why…

  1. You won’t be able to make up your mind on how it should look. You’ll spend hours and days on a page that should just take 30 minutes – because you were fiddling with a dozen settings, layouts and images to see what combination looks best. When you hand the development to someone else – you’re paying for their time, so you’re much more aware of it and become more decisive and less scattered.
  2. The vision will refuse to become clear in your head… even if you think you have it so clear, what you started on will rarely stay that way because you’ll find it hard not to “perfect it”. When you hand off your site to someone else you have to be clear about the purpose and how you want your message displayed. In explaining it to them you’re forced to refine your message. You have a chance to see whether your words / images communicate what you want them to. They tell you whether it works. Or it doesn’t.
  3. You’ll constantly second guess yourself. Trying for perfection. When you have a developer, a good one will help you curb that impulse by giving you feedback and also letting you know how much those little changes will be (in time and cost). Suddenly, perfection doesn’t seem ideal.
  4. You’ve got better things to do with your time like growing your business, marketing in other ways (a website is just one method!) and actually working with your clients! Or being with your family, partner, friends!   Think like an entrepreneur… outsource activities that are not your core business.

If you’re starting from scratch…

Start looking at websites you like the look and feel of and start thinking about what content you want on your pages. We’ll take you on the journey from there which includes:

  • Identifying how many pages you’ll need
  • Formatting your content for keyword and search engine optimisation
  • Recommending images for your site (which will need to be purchased by you)
  • Designing the look, feel, layout and functionality of your website
  • Connecting your website into your social media channels
  • Giving you a custom header graphic
  • Make sure your website is live and available to the internet
  • Ensuring your website is backed up regularly

What else?


If you want a customised logo, we can also get that organised for you. We also have options to help you market your services more effectively using mailing databases and social media.

Once we have done all of that, we hand it back to you, with training, so you can manage it yourself. So if you’re ready for some help and guidance on getting your website up and running, contact us today.


If you have no WordPress experience, I suggest that you consider our WordPress Training.