Smart Marketing and Images

Teaching your customers something of value to them is a great way of engaging them and building customer relationships and a smart marketing strategy. Let’s take for example selling your services as an energy therapist or massage therapist. By teaching your potential customers small little techniques which can help in a specific situation, then you enrich their lives and your relationship is improved. A smart marketing strategy includes ways to build on the trust between you and your potential customer and sometimes simple smart give aways can give great returns. But what’s the best way of presenting that information?

eLearning & Interactive Graphics

We scan websites now and not read them! To teach them something of value through a graphic takes thought and planning. There’s often too much information to take in, so the smart use of graphics is a good marketing strategy as it can make your message clearer.

YouTube helps because of visual nature of this medium, however, you still need to know how to present that information so that it’s easy for the viewer to follow, and just having a video doesn’t provide the best solution.

E-learning is the process of creating high-quality content, interactive graphics and quizzes that helps present the information in a timely manner and offer opportunity to learn and experience. You can really make the information come alive with graphics and interactive elements such as quizzes and click-able graphics.

Engaging with a tutorial

Perhaps you have an instruction that you are offering for free as a way of engaging with your customer base. You can choose to offer them a video and also a text instruction, but why not combine the two? That way it provides both visual instruction as well as the text. The example below is a very simple instruction process which customers can follow along with. If you have more complex instructions, this can be done in stepped process. We can also include video, quizzes, and click-able graphics.  See an example.

Interactive Graphics

Graphics are a great way to make your website visually appealing. Moving, or automated graphics are ideal when you want to draw attention to information on your site. These graphics can be used as a marketing strategy to encourage the user to click through to a page or as a way to provide information in a concise and customer focused way. It’s an easy way of providing lots of information in a tailored way to suit the customer. See an example. Or check out an example of an interactive quiz.

Engaging Graphic Example

Here’s a quick example that we created to demonstrate the effectiveness of using engaging graphics and videos to tell a message. We can create many different types of engaging messages…

Teaching Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – basic introduction

This is an animated instruction that leads the viewer through the basic steps of using a technique called EFT.

Interactive Quiz Example

This is an example of an interactive quiz where an explanation for the answer is provided.

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