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One of the best services we can offer you is to de-mystify just what needs to happen to get a website up and running… We’re going to do a little of that here….

If the whole idea of setting up a website from scratch is totally overwhelming then can we suggest that you give us the opportunity to do that for you? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Let’s start here…

Have a unique URL (domain name) for your website – this needs to be renewed yearly/bi-yearly.

Have a place (website hosting service) that holds all the website files and displays your website to the world.

Develop the scope of your website – What do you want it to do? How should it look? What action do you want readers to take? How do you highlight how you help the reader?

You need your website built by a developer (like us, hint hint), so it looks great, responds on all devices and collects your client’s details (in exchange for your free offer, ebook or report).

Launch your website through search engines, optimised for keywords and phrases and connected to social media.

Know how to update your website with relevant content and have that go out automatically to social media.

Essentially you need to factor in the cost associated with having your domain name (URL), website hosting service and website design and build.

If you already have a website then potentially you may need to refine it to include

  • smarter marketing options (such as having landing pages or special offers to collect names for your mailing list database).
  • You may need to refine your content for search engine optimisation.
  • Connect your website to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so forth) and
  • Ensuring all touch points (social and print) and your email newsletter all have the same branding, look and feel as your website and newsletters.

This provides you with a consistent and regular presence in your readers and customer’s lives.  Let’s take you through the first couple of steps…


Step 1 Domain Name

You need your website built by a developer (like us, hint hint), so it looks great, responds on all devices and collects your client’s details (in exchange for your free offer, ebook or report).

Key things to remember when choosing a domain name:

  1. Choose something that is not too long – people are less likely to get it wrong when remembering it or typing it.
  2. Choose something that is descriptive of what you do or offer and if that’s already taken, think of adding your location to the name – people often search for a service and location in google, so this puts you at the top of the list in your area
  3. Think of also grabbing other similar service descriptive URLs and/or domain types (i.e get xxx.com.au and xxx.net.au), you don’t need to settle on just one! These other domain names can be used to “point” back to your main domain name/website or used for landing pages (pages that have one purpose – to sell something, get a name or call to action).
  4. If you’re primarily selling to one country, make sure your domain name is purchased in that country – find a local company that sells domain names. It speeds up the search and directing to your website.

Once you have your domain name(s) you need to have a home for your website files…


Step 2 - Website Hosting

The next step is to find website host. This is the home for all your website content, (such as your articles, blogs, pages, images, files and anything else associated with your website), where it resides in the internet world. It has to sit in the Internet cloud so that people can access it. It can’t sit on your computer as it’s tucked away safely hidden behind the security of your internet service provider. It has to be outside in the Internet network, hosted by a company that protect it’s data but visible to the world.

Website hosting packages are offered by many service providers and the price varies. However, cheaper is not always better in this case. You really want your web hosting provider to:

  • Have great access to the internet so your website is fast when someone goes to look at it,
    • Storing your data securely so it’s not easy to change (hacked into),
    • Have great infrastructure so it’s reliable, which is regularly updated, and
    • Offer great service if you need help.

Making it Simple for you

We can walk you through buying a Domain name and Website Hosting package so you don’t need to spend the time doing research and comparisons.

Step 3 – Build Your Website

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