We are all different in many aspects and we all take in information in different ways.  But it seems like the best way to convey a simple message is the use of images and videos.

So when it comes to designing websites one of the biggest challenges is to find to the right way to convey the message.  Sometimes you might need to include different techniques so you cater for all the different ways people absorb information. That way you know you’re catering for everyone’s needs.

There’s one method of delivering information that I really like and that’s the use the ‘whiteboard animations’ you might have seen them when you’ve been surfing the internet for information.  It’s a tool that allows you add engaging interactive elements into your website.  I’ve added the an example video below…

I was recently updating one of our pages on our website and I used videscribe to create a simple animation to convey the fact that there are five senses that people use to gain information.  And that got me thinking of the importance to ensure you use the correct images and interactions when you’re conveying your message.

If you select the incorrect image you’re just wasting people’s time. Any image or video needs to add value to the person looking at your site.

In my experience as an eLearning Developer and Instructional Designer I had to pay particular attention in the image and interaction I included into my programs as I had to be sure people understood the message and information I was conveying.  And now, when I’m developing websites it’s really important we get the images just right.  You’ve probably noticed it yourself when you’re on Facebook the posts they have great images seem to get the most ‘Shares’ and ‘Likes’

I also think the use of short videos is going to raise dramatically in the future.  Just a quick look on Facebook and nowadays are there’s definitely more videos than ever before.

This is where we help you… without breaking the bank!

Graphics are a great way to make your website visually appealing. Moving, or automated graphics are ideal when you want to draw attention to information on your site. These graphics can be used as a marketing strategy to encourage the user to click through to a page or as a way to provide information in a concise and customer focused way.  It’s an easy way of providing lots of information in a tailored way to suit the customer. Visit our Smart Marketing and Images page for a few examples.

Check this out…

Here’s a quick example that we created to demonstrate the effectiveness of using engaging graphics and videos to tell a message. We can create many different types of engaging messages…